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Franceso La Porta

The work of Francesco La Porta finds its ideal place between portraiture and contemporary art. He always tries to see his subjects with objectivity and he uses photographic media to understand different characteristics of this subjects, being they human or not.

La Porta’s work concentrates on the concept of identity. His approach to photography is quite schematic, sometimes even robotic, the photograph becoming an extension of his thinking. Through the mechanical process he freezes emotions and captures different parts of reality to give them a new order and collocation. More recently La Porta has merged photography with other media such as painting or installation, trying to get deeper into the possible answers of the questions he proposes. For his residency in Venice, La Porta is working on a piece where  water, it's essence and image, is the centre of the work, expressed through different media.

Francesco is a graduate of the University of East London BA Photography. He is originally from Venice and lives and works in Venice and London. 



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