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Garry Doherty

Garry Doherty has established a multi-disciplined creative practice, integrating two-dimensional objects, sculptural video installations, constructed photographic assemblages and “performative” actions assimilated from his spiritual practice; he has been a dedicated Muslim for the last 25 years and taught by the Grand Shaykh of the Nashbandi Order of Sufis. He endeavours to develop a transcendent content that is displayed over a range of media platforms, each continually mindful of each other, asking questions of the relationship between the constituent parts. He states; ”the necessity to make an artwork a self conscious environment mindful of its own phenomenological being, an object of consciousness that exposes its own internal dynamic system to itself and successively transcend its own appearance.” Doherty transforms monotheistic concepts such as “The Last Judgment,” into personal visionary ideals; he enacts the grand narrative in the temporal space of the everyday, evoking the mythic archetypes of the past and explores the themes of human existence: Individuality, birth, death and the passing of the soul through the waters of the temporal world and into the afterlife. 

Garry Doherty lives and works in London. He teaches at the University of East London and is the representative and director of The School of Sufi Teaching, London.


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