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Ivan Lam

Ivan Lam says this about his work: “My art is no longer bounded by the shackles of consumer culture. It is never about the process of painting but the thought behind the paint. Ivan uses any medium he sees fit to convey his concept/idea. His work reflects his surroundings and the state of his thinking. The question of meaning in his work is futile because his art encompasses everything and nothing at the same time. He no longer seeks truths in his work but only constant negotiations of boundaries between art and life. Ivan’s work is not about the struggle to conflate everyday life and art, his work does not seek answers but simply to ask questions. By stating what is it not Ivan affirms what his work is about. It is through this dichotomy that his work exists.

Ivan was born in 1975 and works in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He is represented by Wei-Ling Gallery Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Ivan is winner of the Phillip Morris Art Prize 2003 and was shortlisted for the Sovereign Art Prize in 2009. Ivan has shown his work widely in South East Asia and the USA and has work in public and private collections across the world.




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