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Lili Ren
Li Li Ren is a london based film and video installation artist, author and curator. Her works invite audience involvement through their interaction with the viewing experience, often forcing viewers to become part of the spectacle. Through the works' audio visual, spatial and temporal construction, viewers’ experience is at once public and private, intimate and social. Mixing common everyday experience with fantasy and imagination her works probe ambivalent emotional universals like embarrassment, shame and vulnerability.

Lili Ren was born in China in 1986, and now lives and works in London. She is a graduate of Central Saint Martins and has exhibited at the Victoria & Albert Museum London, the Institute of Contemporary Arts London and well as numerous independent galleries. Cheng also writes extensively on contemporary art and culture and is a contributing author to Bazaar Art China, Vision, Art and Fortune, Travel Leisure China, ELLE china.


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