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Maria Teresa Gavazzi 
Maria Teresa Gavazzi studied Fine Arts at the Accademia di Brera, Milan. Her practice embraces painting, photography, drawing, collage, performances and participatory projects. In each area of Gavazzi's work, she is intrigued by human relations, obsessive passions, social and cultural conditioning. Astrology, fashion, sports and the financial market are some of the recurring topics of her paintings and collages. In recent portrait performances, Gavazzi has addressed the theme of representation and identity, playfully exploiting the concept of masks and the different situations in which people wear them. Using simple things such as tights or balloons, she hides her sitter's face in order to reveal a different kind of portrait, where likeness is not the main issue but the focus is on everyday behaviour. With what remains from these sessions, Gavazzi builds ephemeral sculptures, which while holding the mark of the original model, become mysterious creatures with an obscure life of their own. Bizarre humour runs through all Gavazzi's work whilst she seeks to catch the essence of a fleeting moment. 

Gavazzi's work has been exhibited widely across Europe, the UK and Japan, including shows at Palazzo Reale and Il Milione gallery, Milan; Herrick Gallery and Viktor Wind Fine Art, London; Biennale Internazionale di Fotografia,Torino; Nederland Fotomuseum, Rotterdam; Galeria Jorge Albero, Madrid; Monica De Cardenas Gallery in Zuoz, Switzerland and the Osaka Triennale in Japan. Recent shows include the Chinese Open, Q-Park, London. Maria Teresa Gavazzi is an Italian artist who has lived and worked in London since 2004. 




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