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Mark Sowden

Mark Sowden makes Art using a wide range of processes and media. Drawing has been an important tool for him since childhood both as a way of looking at the world and developing visual ideas. He trained as a sculptor and continues to use casting and construction techniques in his work. In recent years he has extended his practice to include photographic processes. He has used digital photographs as elements in constructions and has used objects to make photograms in a way that has a close affinity with casting processes. Sowden uses Art as a way of interacting with his physical and visible environment. He describes it as a meeting place where routine understanding is challenged and a space for transformation opens up. He wants his Art to interact with its subject rather than document it. He actively encourages ambiguous states that challenge simple understanding and wants to approach making with a non-dogmatic, free spirit.

Working away form home during the residency at Artoll, Sowden will take a range of tools and materials hoping to find surfaces, objects, spaces and sights to interact with. Leaving London he does not yet know what form this interaction will take.

Mark Sowden lives and works in London

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