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Sally Labern

Sally Labern works in sculpture and drawing, print and live performative works. She is deeply interested in resilience and the shadow which informs the ideas within her work. She is a sculptor who makes/remake things and has a deep interest in the power of creativity to change the balance in people’s lives. Sally uses digital tools within her personal and collaborative practice:  GPS, film, sound, social networking, and publishing; she uses these as the work dictates.

Pervading her practice is a preoccupation with the enquiry around the sovereignty of the artist’s voice, and how this translates into collaboration with other artists, and in turn how this manifests within socially engaged practice. She currently holds a durational residency on two housing estates in East London UK funded by Arts Council England where she co-leads ‘the drawing shed’, a dialogical project that unfolds around the focus of mobile art structures; a mobile drawing studio and print workshop called PrintBike and collaborative art writing / Twitter.

Sally creates interventions with non artists where trust and familiarity can lead to invitations to take risks in art making where the creative spaces and relationships with participants throw up ‘edges’. It is this practice that she currently refers to as ‘lost’, making works that are driven out of that space. When using drawing she physically works a space as well as a ‘surface’ (loosely defined this can be objects or the entirety of a papered out room/external space) and she develops large drawing/print works in contested public/’common’ spaces; she currently works on a national UK artist led Twitter project around the edges of day and night.

Sally Labern lives and works in London.


Twitter @spittingstars


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