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Valerie Driscoll
Driscoll’s work marries the themes of public exposure and private contemplation. In interrogating the medium of photography her work explores the potential for revelation while simultaneously juxtaposing a repression or secreting of the private space. Often working with narrative, Driscoll proffers an invitation to intimacy and often refers to themes of sex, death, the domestic and the banal. 

Valerie Driscoll is a London based Irish artist. Since graduating in 2010 with a BA in Photography from Camberwell College of Art, Driscoll has won several awards including the Barbican/Jotta ‘Surrealism’ competition at the Barbican Art Centre, London. In 2010 Driscoll was one of the selected artists on the Market Estate Project in London. This involved completing a residency that responded to local residents and the community to create a site-specific, interactive installation. Driscoll has had two solo shows in Ireland and in January had her first solo show in London. She has been involved in several group shows in the UK and Internationally. Driscoll was recently awarded an Arts Council England International Grant and completed a residency at the Burren College of Art.


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