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Vanya Balogh

Through his sculptures, photographs, short films and paintings Vanya Balogh investigates various themes of personal interest such as voidness, infinity, immateriality, death, identity and loss and examines it through different methods of production, display and very often site specific documentary narrative. His work is essentially de-centred, multifaceted and demonstrates fluidity and ubiquity of art in an age when visuals and objects are mediated, packaged, designed and distributed on an unprecedented international scale and speed. As a maker and a collector he is versed in re-composition and appropriation of materials assembled or found and images taken over long periods of time which either evaporate into ether or are further re-composed for another viewing. This evolving personal archive and iconography becomes an ephemeral jigsaw puzzle and his use of humour, sex, violence, popular culture, art history & politics probes apparent truths about his own identity and its placement in an ever changing and fragile world we currently inhabit.


Vanya Balogh's curatorial practice is focused on understanding the dysfunctional relationship between Art & Commerce. He works with artists who are mostly not represented and facilitates exhibitions in project spaces, museums and galleries. Vanya co-curated COLONY 55 with Sian-Kate Mooney and Garry Doherty


Vanya Balogh was born in Zagreb, Croatia and currently lives and works in London. He has exhibited in UK and internationally including V&A, Tate Modern and Venice Biennale. He is currently working on several book volumes and preparing for a major solo show in 2014.

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